Market: Natural Gas


04/22/2014 – Natural Gas

Issued: 04/21/2014 May natural gas: 1. Although the May natural gas contract rolls into June in approximately one week, the following indication can be traded in the May contract: 2. Continued hourly and especially a daily close today below $478 will indicate new short entry for a fast decline and test/attempt at $465/$64 (or lower) …

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04/08/2014 – Natural Gas

Issued: 03/31/2014 May natural gas, previous update: 1. In Wednesday’s (March 12th) live meeting it was noted that April natural gas was expected to decline from approximately $446.00 (the then current price) and test $440.30 into today, Thursday, March 13 (+/-1 day). 2. Today’s April natural gas declined and making a session low of $440.00, …

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