Natural Gas


natural gas

Mon.,05/23: Natural gas is poised to continue current advance to $862/$63, or higher. Result? Natural gas advanced $862/$63 and higher!

Natural gas

Mon., 01/24 David Williams Ameritrade forecast: Nat gas should advance from $382 to $487/$89 in a few days. Result? Natural gas advanced over 100 points to $487.60!

Natural gas

Thurs., 09/16: Sell soybean short on failure at $13.06 for decline to $12.85. Result? Soybeans made a subsequent high of $13.08 then declined to $12.85! Trial at:

Natural gas

Our Thurs., 08/05 natural gas call was for failure at $437 then decline to $428 and $419 final target. Result? Natural gas failed at $437 and completed the $419 target! Trial at

Natural gas

Our Tues., 07/06 gas forecast was short entry on daily close below $372 for decline to $358, due Wed., 07/07. Result? Gas closed at $367 and today (Wed., 07/07) completed the $358 target (session low, $352.00)!

May natural gas

Our Thurs., 04/08 natural gas forecast was for new long entry upon daily close above $251, for advance to $260. Result? Natural gas closed above $250 at $251.90, and completed the $260 target (swing high, $262.70)!

08/16/2020 – Natural Gas

September natural gas: 1. In Friday’s 08/07 Williams edge session it was noted that natural gas could be shorted upon a daily close below $228 for a decline to $210 expected on 08/13. 2. Subsequent Lee, natural gas closed below $228, at $225.50. The market then continue to decline into 08/12 where it completed the …

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04/25/2020 – Natural Gas

May natural gas: 1. In Tuesday’s 04/21 Williams edge session it was noted to sell may natural gas at $19.25 for a tradable decline to $17.75, that price expected on Friday, 04/24. 2. Subsequently, natural gas made a swing high of $19.53 for new short entry. The market then declined and on Tuesday, 04/21 completed …

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12/23/2019 – Natural Gas

January natural gas: 1. On Friday, 12/13 in our Williams edge session it was noted that a daily close that day above $226.00 in January Natural gas would indicate a tradable advance to $235.00 into early the following week. 2. Subsequently, natural gas closed daily above $226.00, at $230.70 and the following day completed the …

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12/14/2019 – Natural Gas

January natural gas: 1. In Tuesday’s 12/10 Williams edge session it was noted to buy natural gas upon a daily close above $225.00 for a tradable advanced to $230 profit target. 2. Subsequently, the daily closed above $225,, at $226.40, then continued higher and completed the $230.00 profit target (session high, $230.30). This successfully completes …

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