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02/10/2019 – S&P

March S&P: 1. In last Tuesday’s (02/05) Williams edge plus session it was noted to buy the March S&P at $2725 for a tradable advance to $2734.50. 2. Subsequently, the March S&P made a swing low of $2722.25 then continued higher and completed the $2734.50 profit target. This successfully completes the forecast/trade. David Williams

01/11/2016 – S&P

March S&P: 1. In yesterday’s (Monday, January 11) 2:39 CST post it was noted that the March S&P (then trading at approximately $1920) was expected to continue to advance into today’s session and test $1925/$26 (or higher). 2. Subsequently, while the Globex (overnight) session declined sharply, today’s March S&P advanced and completed the $1925/$26 upside …

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09/24/2015 – S&P

Issued: 09/22/2015 December S&P: 1. In Mondays (September 21) Williams edge live meeting it was noted that any confirmed breakout below $1946 or $1942 would indicate substantially lower prices including a test/attempt at $1905/$03 (or lower). 2. The above remains the outlook, for now. From this point forward there should be no hourly or especially …

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05/19/2015 – S&P

June S&P: 1. In Fridays (May 15) Williams edge S&P meeting it was noted that the next longer term upside target for the June S&P was $2135. 2. Today’s (Tues., May 19) June S&P completed the $2135 upside target (today’s Globex session high, $2134.00, so far). Will message any further entry or indication in the …

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05/07/2015 – S&P

Issued: 05/05/2015 June S&P: 1. In last week’s Williams edge live meetings it was noted that Mon., May 4 was expected to start an important multi-day directional move. 2. Yesterday (Mon., May 4) the June S&P topped at $2115 and today’s (Tues., May 5) session declined sharply, giving the earliest possible confirmation that the larger …

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07/15/2014 – S&P

September S&P: 1. In today’s (Tuesday, July 15) Williams edge live meeting for the S&P it was noted that any continued 3rd hour decline should be bought for advance and test of $1969/$70 into today’s 4th hour. 2. In today’s 3rd hour the September S&P spiked down to $1958.75 before reversing and completing this $1969/$70 …

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06/18/2014 – S&P

Issued: 06/09/2014 June S&P 500: 1. The natural downside position for the June S&P into tomorrow’s 1st hour is $1944 or slightly lower. 2. How the market handles any attempt at $1944 (or lower) into tomorrow’s early session is important and may prompt new long entry. Keep this in mind. Will update. David Williams Issued: …

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