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07/28/2015 – Herbal Life LTD

Herbal Life HLF: 1. In the last several Williams edge stock meetings it was noted that Herbal Life should be shorted upon any daily close below $50.70 for a decline to and test/attempt at $47/$46. 2. Subsequently, on Friday, July 24 Herbal Life closed daily at $48.97, prompting new short entry. 3. Yesterday’s (Monday, July …

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03/13/2015 – Herbal Life LTD

Herbal Life, HLF: 1. Since mid Feb. 2015 in our live stock meetings our forecast indicated that Herbalife was in position for an advance from approximately $33.50 to $38.00, then $40.00/$41.00 final upside target. 2. Since then, Herbalife came back to test the $30.00 level and today (Fri., Mar. 13) jumped over the $33.50 level …

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02/24/2015 – Herbal Life LTD

Issued: 02/22/2015 Herbal life LTD, HLF: 1. As noted in recent Williams edge stock meetings, a daily or especially weekly close above $33.50 in Herbal life LTD would place the stock into a ‘Buy’ position for a test/attempt at $39.50/$41.50 into mid February, or later. 2. Since the above report, Herbalife completed a Feb. 17 …

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11/07/2014 – Herbal Life LTD

Issued: 11/05/2014 Herbal Life, HLF: 1. Herbalife continues it’s sharp decline this week (week of Nov. 3) off its $56.74 swing high. 2. A weekly close this week below $44.60 in Herbalife is the weaker position and places the market in a ‘Sell’ position for further decline and test of $39.70, then $37.70 into the …

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09/22/2014 – Herbal Life LTD

Herbalife, HLF: 1. In previous Williams edge live meetings it was noted that Herbalife was indicating substantially lower prices, including a test/attempt at $43.50 (or lower). This represented an approximate $6 – $7 decline from the then current price 2. Today, Herbalife completed the $43.50 downside target, making a session low of $38.63. This is …

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07/22/2014 – Herbal Life LTD

Issued: 06/27/2014 Herbal Life HLF: 1. Daily and especially a weekly close below $63.00 in Herbal Life will be the earliest indication for further decline and test/attempt at $60.80, then $57.50 (or lower) during July/Aug. 2014. 2. Should the above be confirmed, new short entry will be messaged in a subsequent update. David Williams Issued: …

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