07/22/2014 – Herbal Life LTD

Issued: 06/27/2014

Herbal Life HLF:

1. Daily and especially a weekly close below $63.00 in Herbal Life will be the earliest indication for further decline and test/attempt at $60.80, then $57.50 (or lower) during July/Aug. 2014.

2. Should the above be confirmed, new short entry will be messaged in a subsequent update.

David Williams

Issued: 07/23/2014

HLF Herbal Life:

1. Our previous Herbal Life update (June 27) indicated that a break of $63.00 would indicate a fast decline and test of $60.80, then $57.50 (or lower) during July/Aug. 2014.

2. Last week (week of July 14) Herbal Life broke the $63.00 level and declined sharply, completing the $57.50 downside target, and lower (recent low, $52.50). This completed the intended short trade.

3. The market reversed powerfully off that bottom and is now trading back up at $66.09. This is a remarkable reversal which will likely set further trade indications into motion. Will update

David Williams