06/19/2015 – Corn

July corn: 1. In Wednesdays (June 17) Williams edge live meeting it was noted that July corn (then trading at approximately $3.60) was expected have an important decline into Mon., June 22 (+/-1 day). 2. Subsequently, July corn has declined sharply with today’s swing low of $3.52, so far. No trade entry or indication was […]

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03/31/2015 – Corn

May corn: 1. In Mondays (Mar. 30) Williams edge live meeting it was noted that while not intended to be traded, May corn (then trading at approximately $3.93/$94 was expected to trade at $3.83 (or lower) by Tues., Mar. 31. If corn completed $3.83, this would indicate that corn could be added to our group

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03/19/2015 – Corn

Issued: 03/18/2015 “Today in the LIVE meeting David mentioned that the MAY CORN was putting in a “1 day late” reflected wave bottom which would put this market in a “BUY “ position. It was also mentioned if there was an advance the May Corn could make a test/attempt at the 381.0 level” SUGGESTION: BUY

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02/10/2015 – Corn

Issued: 02/10/2015 March corn: 1. In Mon. (Feb. 9) Williams edge live meeting it was noted that March corn (than trading at approx. $3.90) was likely to continue to advance and ultimately test/attempt $3.95/$96. 2. Aggressive longs should continue to hold March corn for the possibility of higher prices, including a test/attempt at $3.95/$96. 3.

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02/06/2015 – Corn

Issued: 02/03/2015 March corn: 1. The next important daily market top in March corn is Wed., Feb. 4 (+/- 1 day). 2. Continued test and daily close below $3.87, and worst-case $3.90 will place March corn in a ‘Sell’ position for multi-day decline and test/attempt at $3.75 (or lower) into later this week (week of

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