03/19/2015 – Corn

Issued: 03/18/2015

“Today in the LIVE meeting David mentioned that the MAY CORN was putting in a “1 day late” reflected wave bottom which would put this market in a “BUY “ position. It was also mentioned if there was an advance the May Corn could make a test/attempt at the 381.0 level”

SUGGESTION: BUY MAY CORN AT 373.0 on a limit…protective stop loss is 367.0

Risk= $300 per contract

Initial target: 381.0

Today the MAY CORN closed at 374 3/4

Stops will be moved if/when the market advances.

Issued: 03/19/2015

May corn:

1. In yesterday’s (Wed., Mar. 18) Williams edge live meeting it was noted that May corn (then trading at approximately $3.71) would likely advance and test/attempt $3.81 shortly thereafter.

2. Additionally, a subsequent report was sent out indicating new long entry at/near $3.73 in May corn for the advance to at/near $3.81.

3. Today’s May corn advanced, making a session high of $380.40, effectively completing the trade. Will message any further entry or indication in May corn.

David Williams