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I have a lot of different strategies but Reflected Wave is the best of them all.
David B - Sugar Land, TX, US
I have been applying Reflected Wave to various stocks because I've been very active in equities these past several weeks. It has been very profitable for me considering the boom in stocks!
Pat S - Verona, NJ, US
Thank you for reflective wave. I mentioned the "triple crown" bottom in Gold stocks last week on the daily, weekly, monthly. it worked well and we have run to trigeer on the daily. Thanks again!
Kevin H - Douglassville, PA, US
The power of Williams' Reflected Wave and Square Principle discoveries cannot be overstated. I have already benefitted markedly from learning Reflected Wave, and look forward to the exponentially greater insight into market behavior to be gained from attending the Square Principle training.
Thomas L - Dallas, TX, US
I held the ES overnight for todays move. According to Gerry's text this morning to take partial profits at 2058 was great I also traded the ES again based on a nuance I just pick up from Reflected Wave. Thanks David and Gerry.
William E. G - Memphis, TN, US
I have discovered 4 new nuances with Reflected Wave in addition to it's turning point usage. Along with the Square principal I now have dynamite in my hands that Gerry told me I would have months ago !!! You can put that in my testimonial !!!!
William E. G - Memphis, TN, US
Well... Gerry (and-Mr. David-!) "navigated" successfully-SHORT TERM (do I have to tell you how difficult this is-?) the ES "waters" again ! And they do this day after day-not perfectly-they do to admit to being human-I've meet David and he is a true genteman-but they both come "closer" than anyone else I've ever met to "predicting" the market. I've said before and I mean again it's "scary" how they do this ! As David told me at the Reflective Wave seminar people accuse him of witchcraft-so funny-!
Perry O - Aurora, CO, US
PageTrader is the best forecasting service in the world. Period. David Williams' methodology - Reflected Wave and The Square Principle has revolutionized the way that I look at any market. David and his team are professional , honest and always willing to assist. I feel that I'm a part of the PageTrader team and will always use their products. I plan to join the Pro Room very soon. Markets are not random. Thanks David for sharing Reflected Wave and the Square Principle with me..
William E. G - Memphis, TN, US
The Pro trading room is like bliss to me! The 240 minute bottom and the resulting rally was awesome! Thank you Reflected Wave!
Nestor D - New York, NY, US
I really have to say your analysis on the Australian dollar using Reflected Wave was amazing!
Bruce G - Whitehall, MD, US
Reflected Wave works like clock work because I understand what is happening at a top and a bottom.
Hamilton L - Houston, TX, US
Becky from CQG - "When Reflected Wave students call me they always convey the up most respect for David's accomplishments and how excited they are about using Reflected Wave". 
Becky G - Glenwood Springs, CO, USA
I've already made money with Reflected Wave!
Alan H - Littleton, CO, US
What a wonderful, incredible tool Reflected Wave is!
Thomas L - Dallas, TX, US
Page Trader has been a tool to educate and participate in a portion of the market that has typically been "off-limits" to the average investor due to the risk level. This allows an average investor to participate with an affordable risk-level due to the guidance of a program and an investor with an impecable record of performance. I am a former stock-broker and I have seen nothing with the accuracy level as the Reflective Wave product in which the trades are formulated and advised. The customer service and attentiveness of David William's Team is second to none. Whether you are large investor or small you are treated both the same. Thanks for the education and look forward to working with the Page Trader product. Joe Baker
Joe B - Little Elm, TX, US
I am looking forward to attend the Reflected Waves seminar. After an intense research of your results and reading all the testimonials and every website about it in the internet: it is the real deal!
Daniel H - Basel, -, CH