Squares Seminar

The Square Principal

The Breakthrough Secret
to Supernatural Price Targets

What if you suddenly had the ability to masterfully forecast the EXACT PRICE that any market was about to advance or decline to?

No, I'm not talking about calling for a few ticks up or down on a 1 minute chart. I'm asking: What if YOU could correctly forecast serious, directional market moves to exact, distant price targets ... and be right? And, what if YOU could do that in ANY market, ANY timeframe, day in and day out, and with stunning accuracy? Wouldn't your newfound ability completely transform your trading ...and change everything? You'd better believe it would!

While others struggle with the markets twists and turns, YOUR trades would be based upon a completely NEW and UNIQUE market principle ...a principle NEVER published before ...one which allows you to masterfully predict a single, distant price target in ANY market ...and ANY timeframe ...which later becomes the EXACT PRICE the market runs to!*

With your newfound forecasting mastery under your belt, your trading would take on an unusual calm, a gracefulness even ... because you now possess a bold new understanding of THE EXACT PRICE that future advances and declines will run to. And this rare understanding gives you an incredible advantage ... an advantage that suddenly changes everything!

Stunning Price Forecasting is Now Possible!

Sound impossible? It may have been in the past. But all that is about to change …fast. Because what I'm about to tell you could revolutionize your trading, practically overnight...and perhaps even your lifestyle, as well! I'm not kidding one bit. This article might be a little long, but I believe it's the most important information that anyone serious about markets could ever get.

The Experts Have Been Wrong!

Look, most 'market experts' claim that predicting market price movement is all but impossible. They profess that markets are completely random ...and forecasting them correctly would require you to know what each trader will do beforehand. And that's impossible ... or, so their theory goes.

And yet...it's plainly obvious to you, me and everyone else that the best place to buy the market is at the bottom, and the best place to sell the market is at the top. Any other entry (or exit) is simply a compromise.

Traders Don't Know About This

So, traders continue to search for the elusive secret of predicting price. Some of those attempts include: Cycles, bar counts, candlesticks, pattern recognition, trend lines, overbought/oversold indicators, divergence, oscillators, momentum, moving averages, Bollinger bands, market profile, regression, volume, ADX, Macd, Rsi, stochastics ,support/resistance lines, Vix, tix, Delta, mirrors, moon phases, astrology, tidal rhythms, Elliott Wave, Gann, pitchforks, fractals, elipses, Fibonacci, sacred geometry, musical intervals ...and the list goes on and on and on.

Perhaps you already use some of those methods in your own trading now. That's fine. Some of them may be useful. But there is only one market principal more powerful then all of them ...one that will give YOU the ability to pinpoint the EXACT price that ANY market is about to run up (or down) to ... with stunning precision ... ...repeatable on any timeframe, day in and day out. And that method isn't mentioned on that list. Or any other list, either!That's because...

Nobody Else Knows About It!

Nobody else knows ...that is, until now. The Square Principle is a revolutionary price forecasting methodology originally discovered in 1990. It is the result of one man's penetrating market study, culminating in a mind-boggling discovery about the future occurrence of exact price levels on all time frames! This rare discovery will allow ANYONE who possesses it to forecast future advances and declines with astonishing accuracy!

Correctly Predicts Thousands of Price Targets

Now, you probably haven't heard of the Square Principle before ...or of David Williams ... the innovative market researcher who discovered it. I could have guessed that. Why? Because the Square Principle has never been made public ... until now. That means you won't find it in any trading book, magazine, or instructional video. In fact, it's not on any of the billions of websites on the internet, either! Go ahead and search Google (or any search engine) for the Square principal - you won't find any trading references to it.

But the Square principle is very real. And it has correctly predicted thousands of distant price targets ... on ANY market and ANY time frame ... since Mr. Williams first discovered it in 1990. I'm talking about EXACT, distant price targets that YOU could know about in advance ... and that you could be trading with every day!

For the past 20 years Mr. Williams has pioneered a number of original, breakthrough market forecasting techniques, including the Square Principal that, quite frankly, put him into a league all his own. He's the real deal ...and traders know it. Today's market technicians are flat-out mystified by the unusual nature and accuracy of his mind bending market calls!

Mind bending? On June 3rd 2010 Mr. Williams forecast: 'If the S&P does'nt touch $1111.00 on June 4th it will immediately crash 64 points to $1047.00.' This forecast was broadcast live on public radio to listeners in 20 countries. And it's a matter of record that on June 4th the S&P topped at $1107.75 (below $1111.00) and then immediately crashed 64 points to an exact session low of $1047.00, one day later! Wow!

Mr. Williams has made thousands of similar market calls ...with similarly stunning results ...live on public radio and the Internet. In fact, you may have seen some of them yourself.

There are only a handful of people in the world who might be able to duplicate what Mr. Williams does with the markets... and most of those were already taught by him!

Listen to what industry heavy hitters have said:

Lawrence McMillan, Trader's Hall of Fame inductee, best selling market author and 30+ year market veteran publicly distinguished Mr. William's forecasting skills as "Nothing short of incredible".

Larry Jacobs, editor of Trader's World magazine and winner of the 2001 World Cup championship of stock trading wrote "I followed several of Mr. William's market forecasts and was extremely impressed."

Tom Joseph, president and developer of Advanced Get (now an E signal product), spent a year attempting to decipher Mr. William's forecasting methods (including flying to his home in Nevada), after Mr. Williams provided him with a number of near perfect market calls.

So buckle your seminar seatbelts ... because Mr. David Williams (and the Square principal) will blow your mind!

No Longer Just for the Wealthy Few

But up until now, a privileged group of fortunate traders were the only ones granted the exclusive license to learn the Square Principal.

You see, back in 1995, this group of savvy traders witnessed a private, behind the scenes demonstration of the Square principle. They sat and watched transfixed, as the Square principal absolutely nailed one advance (and decline) after another, to exact, forecast price targets, both tops and bottoms ...on various time frames, during a live, multi-day market demonstration.

Seasoned Traders Blown Away!

What these seasoned traders witness must have impressed them ... because they gladly paid $25,000 ... each ... (you read that right) for the privilege of learning the beautiful secret behind the Square principal. Each of these men and women were blown away by what they had learned ... and sworn to complete secrecy ... both by their word, and an exhaustive legal agreement.

Now, $25,000 is a lot of money for any market forecasting principle. That's for sure. But for the past 23 years, the Square principle has remained these traders most jealously guarded trading secret! And believe me, you keep it secret to ... if you were lucky enough to be one of them.

Here's What YOU Can Do With The Square Principal!

Now, fast-forward to today. Would you like to know the exact price point the S&P 500 will advance to ... BEFORE it goes there? Or, how about forecasting the exact price the market will bottom on, and nailing a fast 16 point advance? Look no further than the Square principal ... because it does all that ... and much, much more. Take a look at some of the amazing price forecasts you could soon be generating with the Square principal!

And those are just typical examples. There are thousands more! The Square principal is revolutionary and gives YOU the ability to:

  • Predict distant price targets in any market AND on ANY time frame (5 min., 60 min. daily, weekly, monthly etc.) ...
  • Predict when HUGE, fast directional market moves are about to occur ...
  • The Square principle is predictive by nature so you'll know hours, days, weeks and even months in advance when to place a trade...
  • Is 100 percent objective. Your price targets are as accurate as mine...
  • No moving targets. Distant price targets do not change once they are determined by the Square principle ...
  • Stunning price target accuracy is virtually the same on all time frames...
  • Is tradable in real time. Allows you to act far ahead of most indicators...
  • The Square principal has worked exactly the same for decades...
  • Other than the original group of traders trained by Mr. Williams,nobody else knows about the Square Principle!

So, whether you like trading the 5 minute swings or the massive daily, weekly and monthly targets, you can finally STOP your search. The Square principal is IT. And it really works!

Pretty amazing, don't you agree?

Finally Solve the Price Forecasting Puzzle

You certainly won't find anyone else who can make these claims ... and back them up with hard proof. That's why if you're really serious about finally solving the market's price puzzle you have absolutely no other choice...only the Square Principle can do that for you!

It doesn't matter what kind of trading style you have now ...or what kind of trading tools you're currently using. Once you understand the real reason all markets run to exact, predictable price levels...on every time frame...it will crack open an avalanche of potential trading opportunities that you can no longer afford to miss!

Get ready to learn the incredible Square Principle Secret!

Look, something this good is rarely talked about - and is certainly NEVER sold to the public.

And, that's why, from the day he discovered it in 1990, Mr. Williams has never published the Square Principle. So don't hold your breath waiting for an E-book or CD to show up at stores near you. That's not going to happen.

But now ... in a rare replay of 23 years ago, Mr. Williams has broken his vow of silence and agreed to mentora select number of new, serious market students in his trailblazing Square Principle methodology. YES ... he means traders just like you! And YES …YOU can finally learn the the most powerful price forecasting secret ever!

A Seminar 23 Years In the Making!

And so, on the weekend of Stempter 21-22, 2019, behind the closed doors of a luxurious, private conference room at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, a select number of fortunate traders will be granted a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn the Square Principle and master distant, price target forecasting for once and all! Not from a CD or E-book, but under the direct tutelage of Mr. David Williams, himself. In a mere 2 days, these students will achieve what most traders only dream about... the ability to predict EXACTLY where prices are going on virtually any time frame with stunning accuracy!*

Nothing will be held back! Within the very first hour of the seminar Mr. Williams will show you exactly howthe incredible Square Principle works ...and how YOU can get in at the start of the big moves and potentially ride them for all they're worth! In real markets. In real time.

Shouldn't you be there?

Skeptics invited!

Even if you're the most hard-nosed skeptic you'll quickly experience your own 'Ah ha' moment' during this extraordinary two-day seminar. That's the moment when, in spite of your initial doubts, you suddenly understand that:

1. The Square Principle actually works! It really does forecast distant price targets in all markets, on every time frame with repeatable, stunning accuracy. And it will work for YOU exactly as presented.
2. And ... because the Square Principal is real, you suddenly can't wait to trade the next Square Principle forecast! You now know the Square Principle is a game changer and that you and your trading will never be the same.

Compelling Proof

I know it may be difficult to believe everything you've read here ... that is, until you understand the beautiful secret of the Square Principle, and see the compelling proof for yourself.

That's why its proven to you with dozens of charts of the S&P futures, crude oil, gold, Bonds etc. (and even stocks) displaying incredible price forecasts from virtually every time frame. The secret of the Square Principle is clearly revealed on each of these charts. And once you know the secret, you'll instantly be able to verify thatyou could have forecast every one of those advances and declines yourself! Bingo! Seeing really is believing!

These proof charts (and Mr. William's daily worldwide forecasts) are indisputable proof that the Square Principle works in today's markets …and that the Square Principal is the REAL secret to price forecasting!

Complements Any Trading Method

You'll also learn how the Square Principle can complement your current, already existing trading method. Does your system attempt to buy pullbacks inside an uptrend? The Square Principle can forecast the exact price point the pullback will end on, handing you an almost perfect potential long entry! The same is true for nailing near-perfect entries on the short side of the market, as well.

Remember, the Square Principle ISN'T based on Fib retracements, ISN'T based on Fib time counts, ISN'T based on Elliott wave, ISN'T based on fractals, ISN'T based on pattern recognition, ISN'T based on cycles, ISN'T based on bar counts, mirrors, Gann, astrology, Delta etc. etc. etc.

I hope you're getting the picture that the Square Principlemakes child's play of every other market forecasting method ... and gives YOU the most powerful forecasting tool on the planet... at any price!

The Secret of the Incredible Square Principal

If you've read this far you're certainly interested. Maybe intrigued. Perhaps somewhat skeptical. And probably more than a little curious about how the Square Principle really works. Of course, the secret will be revealed in full at the September 21-22 2019 seminar. But for now, here's a little teaser for you to mull over. It might be a good idea to be sitting down.

Okay, I hope you're ready.

Here it is: From a Square principal perspective, nearly every advance or decline in the market - no matter what time frame it occurs on - happens for theexact same reason!

That's right. It doesn't matter if it's a 15 minute chart, a daily chart or yearly chart. The market advances or declines on each time frame for theexact same reason!And that's why the Square Principle works so well... it exposes that single reason … and prompts YOU to buy or sell at just the right moment!

Without the Square Principle, the real reason for those same market moves remains hidden and you're forced to do what everyone else does ...GUESS!

So, you don't have to be a genius or have extraordinary skills to make the Square principal work. However, the Square principal is like learning a new language and is best suited for students already familiar with the markets.

Proof It Really Works ... Guaranteed!

If you can find any Square principal price target displayed in the proof charts that CANNOT be identified using the Square principal as taught at the seminar, then simply return the Square principal notebook for a full refund of every penny you paid.

Mr. Williams can make this guarantee because the Square principal really works! It has worked for his original students over the past 23 years, and it works in his current live market forecasts and radio shows ... and that's pretty compelling evidence that the Square Principal will continue working for YOU, too!

It's Easy to Reserve Your Seminar Seat

I'm sure you'll agree, the Square Principle Is quite an accomplishment. It truly is a masterpiece of price forecasting. One powerful enough to allow you to finally live life on your own terms. Remember, other than Mr. Williams original students, nobody else knows the incredible Square principal secret!

So it's not available elsewhere, including any of the billions of websites on the Internet.

You should understand that a forecasting methodology as powerful, exclusive and original as the Square principal ... and one that required as much research, time and money to discover ... doesn't come cheap. Nothing of true value ever does. That's why Mr. Williams original students were willing to pay $25,000 for it.

But Mr. Williams has made the price reasonable for the September 21-22 2019 Square principal seminar ... so that a limited number of new, serious students can experience the same unbelievable market opportunities that his original students have enjoyed for the past 23 years.thank you

It's a one-time $6995 for the two-day Square Principal seminar, taught live by Mr. David Williams.

That price covers;

2 days of live Square Principal training at the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada by Mr. David Williams, inside a private conference room, (approx 4 hours per day) utilizing an easy to see super large 200 inch clear digital projection screen and sound system ...

A beautiful full leather Square principal notebook containing dozens of proof charts with the Square Principal fully revealed, plus teaching examples, tips and tricks and more ...

Delicious lunch, snacks and beverages provided throughout both days ...

Unlimited after-the-seminar online support (via webinar) to answer any questions, along with tips and tricks to help YOU get the most out of the incredible Square principal.

There are NO ongoing fees or anything else you'll be asked to buy.

You can book your seat for the September 21-22 Square principle seminar at the Mirage hotel with a $1000 fully refundable deposit. Should anything prevent you from attending the seminar (or if you just change your mind) your full $1000 deposit will be cheerfully refunded, no questions asked.

Book your Square principal seminar seat now at 1-888-231-4702 from 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. PST.

Obviously, this offer is not meant for everyone. If the cost is prohibitive, then it's probably not for you. But cost is a relative term, isn't it? It's not nearly as costly as taking all of your future trades without the Square principal! That's for sure. It's also not as expensive as wasting the next 5 years trying to figure it out on your own ... and missing thousands of potential amazing market moves to boot.

Remember, you won't find the secret of the Square principle offered anywhere else ... at any price, except right here ...and right now.

For those bold enough to take advantage of this rare, once-in-a-23-year seminar offer and simply put their doubts aside, you'll have a nearly supernatural price forecasting knowledge that could generate some very serious market opportunities for you for many, many years to come!

P. S. Seating is extremely limited. It's anticipated that, much like a 23 years ago, many savvy, well-funded traders will grab up every available seminar seat ... at whatever the price. That's why you must take advantage of this offer NOW!

You can book your seat for the September 21-22 Square principle seminar at the Mirage hotel with a $1000 fully refundable deposit. Should anything prevent you from attending the seminar (or if you just change your mind) your full $1000 deposit will be cheerfully refunded the same day, no questions asked.

Late registrations will be promptly refunded. There is no guarantee there will be any further Square Principal seminars offered.

*Forecasting accuracy cannot be guaranteed for all market conditions. Please read our full trading disclaimer at () before purchase.

Required CFTC risk disclosures

Squares - Seminar - Deposit Mar 21 and Mar 22 Seminar in Las Vegas
Squares - Seminar - Full Payment Mar 21 and Mar 22 Seminar in Las Vegas
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The square principal is so useful and accurate!
Thomas L - Dallas, TX, US
I just got back from your squares training.  I got 2 8 tick stops, then a 36 tick profit and now 50 tick profit on crude.  I'm absolutely amazed!  Thank you for your blessed insight those many years ago.
Johann H - Fareham, HPH, UK
I am so glad I went to the Square principle seminar.  It has changed everything in my trading for the better. Honestly, it seems like it's almost infallible!
Alan H - Mcdonough, GA, US
So very nice to know that Squares showed me upside price targets similar to your own, so thanks for that too!
Thomas L - Dallas, TX, US
The Square principle is so unbelievable it just blows my mind!
Laila R - Highworth, SN, UK
You really over delivered on the Square seminar!  Thank you!
John L - Bethel Park, PA, US
I just want to say to anyone that trades DAX in European market that it trades to squares all the time, and a market that appears volatile and scary to some people is actually very predictable. I have learned to forecast moves in advance and targets in both directions.
Laila R - Highworth, SN, UK
The Square principle is the best thing I've seen in 54 years of trading!
Jan V - Upland, CA, US
Almost two years into Squares and I still shake my head in amazement how effective the Square principle is.
Marty C - Folsom, CA, US
In 15 years of trading I've spent thousands of dollars on stuff that doesn't work. The Square principle is by far the best method I've ever seen.
Marty C - Folsom, CA, US
Thank you PageTrader for the Square principal. When I'm trading I have averaged $15K per week. I started with 100 K trading capital which is now  (about 2 years later) around 240 K.
Jinesh P - Couldson, UK, GB
I've been using the squares on the Russell and it has been dead on! Also I sold short in sugar right at the sqaure before the big drop. Thanks
Alan H - Mcdonough, GA, US
The seminar was everything I expected and more, and I shall be back next winter to revisit the magnificent and unique nature surrounding Vegas; thanks a million times!
Sylvain G - Lac-superieur, QC, CA
Square seminar was awesome. What a great team. Thanks a million.
Bob B - El Dorado, AR, US
The February 18/19 squares seminar was amazing. I learned so much!
Dave M - Indianapolis, IN, US
Enjoy your weekend teaching Squares and thank you for teaching me Squares and Reflected Wave. I am finally a confident trader.
James W - Fort Pierce, FL, US
I have increased my trading account approx. 50% from $40k to $60k since the Square seminar!
John G - Kennewick, WA, US
The Square principal has helped me tremendously
Alan B - Grays, NA, GB
Was the soybean trade a square call or something else? BEAUTIFUL and thank you, Alan
Alan H - Mcdonough, GA, US
Of all the crap I've bought and courses I've taken the Square principal is orders of magnitude above and beyond everything else. It's the only method that allows me to correctly forecast an exact, distant price target.
Hiram A - South Gate, CA, USA
David Williams' forecasts for when and by how much a market will move are worth the price of subscription all by themselves, but add in the Williams Edge Plus room and the value of PageTrader is unparalleled. They don't just provide targets, entries, exits and stops (oh yes, they do all that, too), they teach true market insight. The old days of being on the wrong side of the market are vanishing like a snow pancake on a griddle, and best of all, I'm seeing WHY. My losses now are rarer and much smaller, gains more common and larger, as well. In my first week my accounts regained the prior month's worth of losses, and in just 3 weeks they have become profitable for the year. Wow. And there's still 2.5 months to go! I can hardly wait to learn the Square Principle in February! Thank you PageTrader!!
Thomas L - Dallas, TX, US
I gained today 17 points -NQ and 100 pips GBP/JPY all of them by using Square Principle ... Thanks David for your efforts
Mahmoud A - Alqurain, nv, KW
The square principle is so simple and so powerful.
Jerod B - Elmhurst, IL, US
The Square principal is phenomenal! It's hard for me to believe how accurate it is. I'm extremely impressed with David William's Square principal.
James W - Fort Pierce, FL, US
I've been looking for something like this (Squares) for 30 years!
Alan H - Mcdonough, GA, US
Today was an amazing, history making day. I had the most profitable day ever. David and Gerry are astonishing. The call in beans was great from David and the leadership to navigate it from Gerry was great. Most of all, learning the square principal this weekend so that I didn't blindly follow a forecast.....it just does something for you. I highly, highly, highly, highly recommend who can to take advantage of the education that David is willing to share and the leadership that Gerry is willing to give. You can't go wrong here!!!!! Have a great weekend pagetrader. Oh and the staff besides these two great guys are Amazing too (Sheralee and Maria)
Christopher S - Russellville, KY, US
David you are an excellent teacher of the Square Principal. It works just like you taught us this past weekend. The seminar was first class just like you.
John B - Boiling Springs, SC, US
David: The Indicator fog has been cleared. Good road ahead. Thank you for the illuminating seminar. Can't say enough good things about your organization. Carry on!
Steven H - Sandy, UR, USA
Thanks so much David for the Square principal knowledge you bestowed upon us this past weekend. It is all you said and more. Not only is your market knowledge of the highest degree, but you the person that I so much admire-you're the best-thanks- for everything.
Richard H - Westbank, BC, CA
Thank you for the education at the square seminar, it works GREAT. My very first trade was a winner!
James W - Fort Pierce, FL, US
Thanks again David for this weekend squares seminar! You're a great teacher. I already applied squares to gold this morning and have picked up 30 points and I'm still holding the other half. Thank you!
Daniel R - Elmhurst, IL, US
Thanks again for this weekend squares seminar. It was totally amazing - I highly recommend the squares seminar for everyone who has not done it yet.
Wangari G - Smyrna, GA, US
Thank you PageTrader for a great squares principal seminar weekend!
Nash M - Richmond, BC, CA
I've never seen anything more accurate than the Square principal in over 30 years of trading! I'm completely amazed!
Alan H - Stockbridge, GA, US
I can't wait for the July 23/24 the Square principal seminar!
Richard H - Westbank, BC, CA
Great square example in crude oil. I do not want my money back !!! Period!
William E. G - Memphis, TN, US
Squares work even on the hang sang index and Shang high index!
Alfred C - San Jose, CA, US
David, a great call this week on Bonds. It is not normally a market I trade but when pointed out by you I was able to short it from just under 166 and exit 3 positions down to 16243 based on the square principle. Thank you! Andrew
Andrew W - Fitzroy North, VIC, AU
I cant emphasize how important the squares seminar and the Pro room have been to my trading. I have traded the short bond indication with multiple contracts, adding contracts on retracements and exiting contracts at intermediate targets. I would not have the confidence to do this without the squares principle and Gerry's guidance/encouragement. Without the squares principle the Bond market was always a mystery to me, one I rarely traded.
Rodney S - Crawford, CO, US
I am not too smart, but I am smart enough to follow the smart people at Pagetrader.com. They turned the frustration of trading into success, since I went to the Reflected Wave seminar. Now I have signed up for the Squares. If my 74 year old brain can do this anyone can!
James W - Fort Pierce, FL, US
I made 35 points trading the regained square!
Jinesh P - Coulsdon, UK, GB
I'm loving the Square principal! It has opened up a whole new world for me. By the way, great call in the live cattle!
Val W - Enid, OK, US
PageTrader's methodologies are second to none. Thank you for sharing Reflected Wave and Squares.
William E. G - Memphis, TN, US
My trading account has made a 'V' bottom after I attended the January 30/31st Square principal seminar!
Rodney S - Crawford, CO, US
I love it when you talk about how you discovered the Square principal!
William E. G - Memphis, TN, US
I'm really enjoying utilizing the Square principal in my trading and can see squares popping out at me!
Hiren P - Harrow, N/A, GB
After seeing todays trades, I've got to beg borrow and steal to get to the next squares seminar!
Perry O - Aurora, CO, US
I really like these Squares.
John G - Kennewick, WA, US
Seeing how accurate squares are is so exciting that I can hardly trade anymore!
Massoud S - Encino, CA, US
I am definitely astonished at the accuracy of the squares!
Hiren P - Harrow, NA, GB

Paid for my hotel room off the 13/14 square this a.m.  Good seminar!  Thank you David.


John G - Kennewick, WA, US

The Square Principle will allow you to do things you never imagined possible in markets.


Burwell P - San Antonio, TX, US
"Just had the best es trade day since joining Pagetrader and being in Gerry's Mentoring room.  The square principal really works.  Highly recommend attending the square course. Congrats to David and Gerry...what a team."
Randy P - Castle Rock, CO, US
I was always fascinated by your ability to call the price levels.Your price forecasting methodology (the Square principal) is the only thing I have ever seen which I felt would be of any benefit to me. My last trade resulted in an incredible 76 point gain (2070.75 - 1994.25)! Thank you.

William R - Las Vegas, NV, US
these squares and how the market goes right to them is quite amazing!
John Paul R - Toluca Lake, CA, US
I've been trading markets for 25 years.  Squares is by far and away the most accurate and simple method I've ever seen.  Best money I ever spent.
Marty C - Folsom, CA, US
 I've been trading markets for 30 years and the Square Principle is by far the best I've ever seen.
Luc V - Rijmenam, ?, BE
The Squares seminar provided powerful insight into normal market behavior. David reveals the magic behind how his forecasts run to their price targets. I am an experienced investor who has not seen this methodology anywhere. I highly recommend the seminar.
Tarun A - Irving, TX, US
I have been with Pagetrader for over a year now, have attended his Reflected Wave Seminar in Las Vegas and was the first person to signup for his first Squares Seminar in October. In my over 25 years of market experience I have never read, seen or heard anyone who can consistently do what David does everyday.
Burwell P - San Antonio, TX, US
When I first came across pagetrader.com, it was through another site that features appearances by D.W. I was not interested as that site generally looks to scalp 6 ticks on trades, which is not my style. After further review of what D.W. does and a free trial of their services, I was compelled to sign up for the square principle as in over 25 years trading, I've never seen tools that can give us little guys the edge we need to compete and go for the larger profits!
Paul P - Desert Hot Springs, CA, US
Nearly three years ago, I discovered David Williams and since have subscribed to his William's Edge S&P 500 and Stock service. I have also attended his Reflected Wave Seminar in Las Vegas and I'm now scheduled to attend his Squares Seminar in October of this year. What David teaches and the quality of the trade setups he produces are unique in both technique and accuracy. In short, David is the real deal!
Burwell P - San Antonio, TX, US