J.P. Morgan Chase


02/12/2015 – J.P. Morgan Chase

Issued: 02/12/2015 JP Morgan, JPM: 1. Our recent Jan. 27 stock report indicated that daily closes above $55.80 in J.P. Morgan Chase would place the stock into a ‘buy’ position for a tradable multi-day advance and test/attempt at $58 (or higher) into next week (week of February 2). 2. On Tues., Feb. 03 J.P. Morgan …

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10/04/2014 – J.P. Morgan Chase

J.P. Morgan Chase, JPM: 1. In our Tues., Sept. 30 Williams edge stock meeting it was noted that a continued decline to $58.00 or lower was expected in J.P. Morgan Chase. 2. By Thurs., Oct. 2 J.P. Morgan had declined sharply and made a session low of $58.61, completing the majority of the forecast decline. …

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09/19/2014 – J.P. Morgan Chase

Issued: 09/18/2014 J.P. Morgan Chase, JPM: 1. During the week of Sept. 2, J.P. Morgan Chase was forecast to continue to advance from approximately $59.70 to $60.90 (or higher) into the week of Sept. 8 (+1 week). 2. J.P. Morgan Chase has now completed the $60.90 upside target (today’s session high, $61.09, so far). While …

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