Market: Ebay


06/08/2015 – Ebay

Ebay, EBAY: 1. In our Thurs., June 4 Williams edge stock meeting it was noted that aggressive could buy eBay at its current price of of approximately $62.20 for further expected advance. No subsequent report was put out nor were any upside price targets noted. 2. EBay advanced to Fridays swing high of $63.31 before …

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10/04/2014 – Ebay

EBay, EBAY: 1. Our previous indication for eBay was a weekly bottom due on the week of Sept. 15 (this bottom occurred one week early, during the week of Sept. 8) with substantially higher prices expected. 2. However, our most recent update indicated a likely retest of $51.00 on the downside expected on or around …

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