British Pound


07/28/2015 – British Pound

Issued: 07/27/2015 September British pound: 1. The September British pound continues to advance off the recent nonpublished $154.60 downside target. The following is a 2 step set of conditions that while not specifically forecast to occur, if they do occur would prompt new short entry: 1. The September British pound remains unable to test/attempt $156.21 […]

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07/27/2015 – British Pound

Issued: 07/22/2015 September British pound: 1. Any hourly or especially daily close above $156.35 in the September British pound will place the market into a ‘Buy’ position for further advance and test/attempt at $157.08 or higher. 2. Once long, initial exit should be taken at/near $156.65. 3. Will message protective sell stop and other pertinent

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07/09/2015 – British Pound

Issued: 07/09/2015 September British pound: 1. Although the September British pound is in a powerful downtrend, Wednesdays (July 8) test of $153.23 is an important price completion. A multi-day tradable advance and test/attempt at $154.75/$80 is indicated. 2. Aggressive traders can go long at current prices (current price, $153.66) with a protective sell stop below

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05/08/2014 – British Pound

June British pound: 1. Although no official trade was published, in Wednesday’s (May 7) live meeting it was noted that the June British pound was expected to decline from $169.65 to $168.50 into Friday May 9 (+/-1 day). 2. The June British pound declined from the $169.65 level and completed the forecast $168.50 downside target

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05/01/2014 – British Pound

Issued: 05/01/2014 June British pound: 1. Watch for any further decline and test/attempt at $168.32 (or lower) in the June British pound. Any such test may prompt new entry. Will update as the market confirms. David Williams Issued: 05/02/2014 June British pound: 1. Our previous update (yesterday, Thursday, May 1) forecast an important decline in

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04/21/2014 – British Pound

Issued: 04/20/2014 June British pound: 1. Friday’s daily close below $168.12 in the June British pound is the weaker position and the earliest indication for continued decline and test/attempt at $167.65, then at/near $167.08. 2. Therefore, any further test of and hourly or especially daily close below $168.12 makes that level (or lower) selling territory

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