Boulder brands


04/30/2014 – Boulder brands

Boulder brands (BDBD): 1. In recent live stock meetings Boulder brands was noted as a shorting opportunity and was forecast to fail at $18.00 and decline to $14.70 (or lower) into May 2014. 2. Subsequently, Boulder Rands declined sharply and today has made a low of $13.96, completing the forecast $14.70 downside target, and lower. …

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04/17/2014 – Boulder brands

Boulder brands (BDBD): 1. Boulder brands has been in a multi-month advance and is encountering resistance at the $18.00 level (recent swing high, $18.46). 2. A monthly close in April below $18.00 will be the earliest indication for a tradable decline and test/attempt at $15.00 (or lower) into the month of May 2014. 3. Will …

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