Australian Dollar


08/02/2016 – Australian Dollar

September Australian dollar: 1. On Friday, July 29 in our Williams edge meeting it was noted that the Australian dollar (then trading at approximately $75.88) was likely preparing for an approximate 100 PIP decline to $74.90/$.75 in the following days. 2. Subsequently, the September Australian dollar declined and today (Tuesday, August 2) completed the forecast […]

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11/19/2015 – Australian Dollar

Issued: 11/19/2015 December Australian dollar (Special note: Previously sent under incorrect heading of Canadian dollar) 1. In yesterday’s (Wednesday, November 18) December Australian dollar report it was noted that any hourly or especially daily closes above $71.46 in the December Australian dollar would indicate a quick multi-day advance and test/attempt at $72.00 (or higher). Subsequently,

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03/24/2015 – Australian Dollar

Issued: 03/24/2015 June Australian dollar: 1. Yesterday’s (Mon. Mar. 24) June Australian dollar report indicated that Monday’s daily close below $78.65 indicated a quick decline and test/attempt at $77.75/$.65 (or lower) into Wed., Mar. 25 (+/- 1 day). 2. However, the June Australian dollar broke out above the critical $78.65 level and triggered our protective

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