A daily close above $164.80 in Apple will advance to $174.00. Result? Apple closed above $164.80 and today completed the $174.00 target!


Thurs., 10/14: Buy Apple at $143 for advance to $148/$49 target. Result? Apple advanced from $143 to $148/$49!


09/15 Apple forecast: Apple should decline from $149.00 to $141.00. Results? Apple declined from $149.00 to $141.00! Trial at:


Tues., 08/24: Sell Apple short upon daily close below $150.20 for decline to $147.80. Results? Apple declined to $147.80, completing the forecast! Trial at:


Our Wed., 07/07 Apple forecast was for decline to $141.70/$0.40 on 07/08, for long entry and advance to all time new highs. Results? Apple declined to $141.70/$0.40 on 07/08 and today completed all-time new highs!


Our  10/05 Apple forecast indicated new long entry entry upon daily close above $114.50 on 10/074 for advance to $118.00, or higher. Apple quickly advanced and completed the $118.00 target (and higher). David Williams    

05/29/2014 – Apple

Issued: 05/30/2014 Apple AAPL: 1. Today’s Apple session completed the longer-term forecast advance from $597 to $641 final long position exit noted in previous update (today’s session high $642.79, so far). This completes the trade. Will update. David Williams Issued: 05/27/2014 Apple AAPL: 1. Our original May 8 Apple update indicated that weekly closes below …

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04/29/2014 – Apple

Apple AAPL: 1. Apple continues to advance beyond the original forecast $558/$60 upside target and made a new recent swing high of $595.98. 2. Short-term, Apple is reaching a critical juncture on the upside. Any further advance and test and failure at/near $604/$05 this week (week of April 28) or next week (week of May …

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04/27/2014 – Apple

Issued: 04/15/2014 Apple (AAPL): 1. A weekly close this week (week of April 14) above $515 in Apple will be the earliest indication for a tradable multiweek advance to higher prices and a likely test/attempt at $536 (or higher). Will message any new entry based upon this as the market continues to confirm. David Williams …

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04/24/2014 – Apple

Apple: 1. Our original week of Feb. 3 forecast for Apple (then trading at approximately $520) was for continued advance and test/attempt at $558/$60 into March 2014. 2. The market initially advanced to $551, but spent the next 8 weeks trading sideways to lower, reaching a recent low of $511. 3. However, today session advanced …

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