Aeropostale Inc.


01/14/2015 – Aeropostale Inc.

Aeropostale Inc., ARO: 1. The recent continued daily closes above $2.83 in Aeropostale place the stock in a ‘Buy’ position and indicate continued advance and test/attempt at $3.10/$12 (or higher) into next week (week of January 16). 2. Any hourly or daily close below $2.83 is our protective stop. This stop will be moved higher …

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11/23/2014 – Aeropostale Inc.

Aeropostale Inc, ARO: 1. In Thur. (Nov. 20) Williams edge stock meeting it was noted that any daily close above $3.12 in Aeropostale Inc. would prompt new long entry for a test/attempt at $3.40 (or higher). 2. Thursday’s session closed at $3.19 (above $3.12 noted earlier) indicating new long entry. 3. Today’s session completed the …

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