11/10/2015 – S&P Emini

December S&P:

1. In yesterday’s (Tuesday, November 10) Williams edge live meeting it was noted that the December S&P was expected to test and close hourly above $2067 (and worst-case $2064/$63 noted recently) then advance to $2078 later in the session, then $2086/$87 into today’s (Wednesday, November 11) early session.

2. Subsequently, the lowest hourly closes $2066.50 and the December S&P reversed higher and completed the $2078 upside target, prompting initial long position exit.

3. Today (Wednesday, November 11) Globex (overnight) session continued the advance and completed the $2086/$87 final upside target (today’s Globex session high, $2087.25, so far). This successfully completes the forecast/trade. Will message any further entry or indication in the December S&P.

David Williams