10/22/2015 – S&P Emini

December S&P:

1. Since Monday, October 19 in both our Williams edge live meeting and live S&P messenger products we noted that the December S&P (then trading at approximately $2010/$17 was expected to advance to $2031, then to the final upside target at $2038/$40 (or higher) into Thursday, October 22 (+/-1 day).

2. Subsequently the December S&P advanced to $2031 on Tuesday, October 20 (session high, $2031.50). Then today (Thursday, October 22) the December S&P advanced powerfully and completed the $2038/$40 upside target (today’s session high, $2048.75, so far). This completes the forecast/trade. Will message any further entry or indication in the December S&P.

David Williams