07/28/2014 – Qihoo 360

Issued: 07/27/2014

Qihoo QIHU:

1. For the past 2 months we have indicated put option selling in Qihoo at or below the $79.00 strike, looking for a continued multi-month advance iin the stock.

2. Qihoo has remained above the $79.00 strike and is currently trading at $99.00, indicating a successful trade.

3. Further advance remains likely with a test/attempt at $104.00 (or higher) expected relatively soon. Will update.

David Williams

Issued: 07/28/2014

Quihoo 360 QIHU:

1. Sundays (July 27) Williams edge stock report on Qihoo indicated a continued advance from Friday’s $99.15 daily close to at/near $104.00.

2. Today’s (Mon., July 20) session advanced powerfully and completed the $400 upside target, completing the forecast/trade (today’s session high, $104.63).

3. This is an important upside completion in Quihoo and helps further confirm our continued work on improving the use of the Roadmap principle in the stock market. Will update.

David Williams