05/15/2014 – Nasdaq

Issued: 05/16/2014

June the NASDAQ:

1. Our May 12 NASDAQ update forecast a failure at $3618.25 to be followed by multi-day decline to $3573.50, then $3565.00.

2. The NASDAQ closed below $3618.25 on May 13 and completed the decline to $3565 on Thursday, May 15 (session low, $3540.25). This initial forecast was not intended to be traded but merely a test of the NASDAQ response to the Roadmap principle. A following forecast is expected in today’s session.

David Williams

Issued: 05/12/2014


1. We are pleased to now include the NASDAQ futures in our market forecast and trades. The following forecast is for observation only and not intended to be traded. Actual live trades will be messaged once NASDAQ market behavior is confirmed.

2. The June NASDAQ is approaching an important juncture on the upside. Any test of and daily close below $3618.30 (or slightly higher) will indicate a multi-day decline at/near $3573.50, then $3565.00.

3. A daily close above $3620.00 will negate the above indication. Will update as the market continues to confirm.

David Williams