04/02/2014 – Intuitive surgical

Intuitive surgical (stock) ISRG:

1. Today (Friday, March 20) Intuitive surgical completed the forecast advance from $419 to $435.40 into Thursday, March 27 (+/-1 day) noted in the previous update (today’s session high, $435.00, so far).

2. Although not intended to be traded, the completion of the $435 upside target shows this stock to be trading according to the market principles used in the Williams edge commodities product. Will message any further entry are indication.

Latest update:

1. Intuitive surgical exploded beyond the recent forecast advance from $419 to $435.40 and exploded nearly 100 points(!) higher just 5 days after our earlier noted forecast.

2. Although intended only as a test of Intuitive surgical’s Roadmap movement, the explosive advance shows the possibilities in trading stocks. Will message any further entry or indication.

David Williams