02/18/2016 – S&P Emini

March S&P:

1. In yesterday’s (Thursday, February 18) Williams edge live meeting (and S&P messenger window) it was noted that a break of $1918 that would indicate a tradable decline to $1913/$12, then further decline to $1904/$02 expected late yesterday/into today (Friday, February 19).

2. Subsequently, the March S&P broke $1918 and completed the $1913/$12 downside target relatively early in the session and early today (Friday, February 19) the March S&P declined sharply and completed the $1904/$02 downside target (today’s Globe session low, $1902.25, so far). This successfully completes the forecast/trade.

3. Further, late yesterday’s (2:34 CST live messenger post) it was noted that further decline was likely into today/Monday at $1895 (or lower). Keep this in mind.

David Williams