01/19/2016 – S&P (Intraday Trade)

March S&P:

1. In last week’s (week of January 11) Williams edge S&P meeting (and in our January 15 9:14 CST live messenger post) it was noted that any hourly or especially daily close below $1868 (aggressive entry) or $1864 (normal entry) would prompt a fast decline to $1825/$21 (or lower) into the week of January 19 (this week).

2. Today’s (Wednesday, January 20) Globex (overnight) session broke the critical $1864 level (closing hourly below) and quickly declined to $1829.25, within 4 points off the $1825/$24 downside target, so far.

3. Today’s near completion of this distant price target is an important forecast completion and likely sets several tradable indications into motion for today. Will message any further entry or indication in the March S&P.

David Williams