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Dane Goetz

3 Turn Hourly Roadmap

Recently, we introduced a brand new trading tool to S&P Messenger Pro subscribers that continues to receive huge acclaim. It's called the S&P Hourly Roadmap. The Hourly Roadmap pinpoints the sequence of the next hourly market top and the subsequent hourly market bottom (or, in reverse, from bottom to top) and often determines the exact price swing which will occur between those two extremes!

As shown in the enclosed movie, this particular Hourly Roadmap forecast the following hourly top/bottom sequence for the June e mini futures contract:

A 5th hour market bottom due on the day of the forecast, an advance of that bottom into the following session's 1st hour top, then a decline into that day's 4th hour bottom. By watching the movie you can see that the sequence played out beautifully, with large swings between each of the forecast turns.  This would allow excellent discretionary trades to be placed at or near important price levels which were being tested at the time of the hourly turn. Those important price levels are located in our support/resistance panel.

There is no trading system anywhere that can give you this amazing trading information. Put the power of the S&P Hourly Roadmap to work in your next trade!